Lisa E. Park Boush


Research Interests: paleobiology of lake systems, climate change, Ostracoda.
Other Interests: science communication, continental drilling, research experiences for undergraduates, art and science.

Lucas S. Antonietto

fullsizerenderHolds MSc and PhD degrees in Geology at the University of Brasilia (the latter with Sandwich period at the Smithsonian  Natural History Museum). Currently carries research on Triassic Ostracods from the United States as a Postdoc at the Center for integrative Geosciences of the University of Connecticut. Has additional experience in Recent and Mesozoic ostracods from South America, curatorship of scientific collections and microscopy, with emphasis in scanning electron microscopes.

 Curriculum Vitae

 Dawn E. Beamer


Investigates the use of anthropogenic soil chemical signals as proxies for cultural practices on San Salvador Island, The Bahamas.

Curriculum Vitae

James Kerr


Holds an MS degree in Geology by the University of North Carolina Wilmington and is currently pursuing a PhDat the University of Connecticut. Has interests in paleoecology and macroevolution. Currently works documenting trace fossils of Devonian Coelenterates. Has also recently designed a method to correlate mending and predation in mollusk shells.

 Curriculum Vitae