Linking the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province and the End Triassic Extinction in Western Pangea Using Geochemical and Paleontological Proxies

Celina Suarez*; Myria Allen; Lucas Antonietto; James Crowley; Elizabeth Freedman-Fowler; Randy Irmis; James Kirkland; Andrew Milner; Lisa Park-Boush; Mark Schmitz

Institutions: Boise State University; Natural History Museum of Utah; St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site; University of Arkansas; University of Connecticut
Goal: This study will determine the effects of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) on terrestrial paleoclimate and biota in Western Pangea –now southwest Utah and northern Arizona by: 1) documenting and correlating the organic and carbonate C-isotope record the fluvial-lacustrine Moenave Formation; 2) identifying the stratigraphic location of the ETE in the Moenave using microfossils and ichnotaxa associated with the C-isotope record; and 3) generating paleotemperature data from clumped isotope paleothermometry relative to the C-isotope record.
Methods: Photography, U-Pb dating in carbonates, Carbon Isotope Chemostratigraphy, Detrital Zircon Analysis, biostratigraphy and Paleoecology, Petrographic analysis, Clumped isotope analysis