I am currently the Director of the Center for Integrative Geosciences at the University of Connecticut.  Previous to this position, I was a Program Officer at the National Science Foundation in the Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology Program where I served for 3 years.  I spent nearly 20 years as a professor at the University of Akron where I had an active lab.

As a researcher, I have focused on questions related to Earth system processes and the reconstruction of past climate history as recorded in lakes and the biological response to short and long term perturbations in those lacustrine ecosystems.  I have been working in the Bahamas for the past sixteen years, where my students and I have been reconstructing high-resolution records of hurricanes, sea level, paleoclimate and anthropogenically-driven environmental change. I also have worked on climate and biodiversity related projects in Lakes Tanganyika and Malawi, as well as in Eritrea, Kenya, Oman, Indonesia and western North America.